I AM WOMAN is a digital platform designed specifically to celebrate women and connect women across the globe.

It’s a community where women can share their ideas and wisdom. I AM WOMAN has been created by women, for women! We love to collaborate, create, nurture, support, inform and inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, designing our individual lives to be filled with love, laughter, beauty and respect.

And we think it would be terrific if you would introduce yourself and join in our conversation. We talk about everything… from fashion to family, makeovers to mindfulness, wealth and work, sex and sunshine, brain science and breakfast, … and we want to hear from you!

Beyond the gloss and glam, I AM WOMAN is a community of extraordinary women who are energised and empowered to share their knowledge and ideas for a better life.

Our aim is to celebrate and shine a light on writers from across the world. You might be our next contributor – so open your heart and mind to the endless possibilities.

A cornerstone of our communication is our bi-monthly magibook that celebrates everything that we stand for. I AM WOMAN magibook is a magazine and an e-book rolled into one! It is called a magibook because it is full of magic! The kind of magic that will help you unleash your very own superpowers!

We source writers from around the world and they are not necessarily all entrepreneurs or businesswomen – we have extraordinary women from all walks of life writing for us! I AM WOMAN is designed for every woman, no matter where she is, or who she is, or what she does for a living … and the best thing is that it can be shared with friends and family too, to help empower them in their day-to-day lives.




I AM WOMAN is a guide to LIFE.

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Beauty and STYLE

Fabulous frocks and shoe heaven for real women. Our Beauty and Style section is as much about what NOT to wear as it is about what’s on trend. Consider I AM WOMAN your style guide to a life more fashionable with advice on what to wear and how to wear it. Latest hair trends, makeup ideas and beauty tips for fast moving women who’d love secrets for flawless skin.

Health and FITNESS

Keen to put the fun back into fitness? Want more bootilicious from your boot camps? Well, get active and read our Health and Fitness section. We have tips and techniques from health experts and naturopaths across the globe to help you make a positive difference to your body inside and out. Health and happiness go hand in hand and with the right advice you could change your life.

Lifestyle and PARENTING

From toddlers to tweens, teenagers to stay at home adults, many of us are parents or carers at some stage in our lives. Lifestyle choices, values and personal circumstances all influence how we make decisions as parents and often advice from others helps in this process. In our Lifestyle and Parenting section we share expert advice and tried and true approaches to help you do your best. After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

Love and LIFE

Do you remember the very first time you realised you were falling in love? Was it a wonderful, terrifying or a whirlwind time? How is your relationship at the moment? Need a little more love in your life? In our Love and Life section you’ll learn the secrets of successful relationships and how loving your ‘self’ is not a rude word.

Wealth and WORK

Motivation to work comes from a range of desires – it’s not always just a desire for money and wealth but often also a desire for the self-fulfillment and satisfaction that rewarding work can bring. In our Wealth and Work section you can learn from others who have travelled down various career paths. You can connect with experts for advice and be inspired to make your next move. Whether you’re a mumprenuer, CEO of the household, employee, business owner or corporate exec there are rewarding ideas whatever your work or wealth creation stage in life.

Wellbeing and NUTRITION

If you’re like most people and concerned about the vast amount of chemicals and additives found in our food then you’ll want to be first in the know about healthy eating alternatives. Paleo, caveman, primal or stone age diet – it doesn’t matter what you call it – the paleolithic diet is growing increasingly popular. I AM WOMAN is passionate about the impact food has on our major organs and is on hand to share latest recipes. And if you’re not quite ready to give up on whole food groups yet, then our Food and Nutrition section is also jam packed with other tasty treats including gluten free, sugar free and raw food alternatives.

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