Wedding Gowns – The Importance of Cleaning and Preservation

Wedding Gowns | The Importance of Cleaning and Preservation


A wedding gown is the highlight of the wedding second to the bride. The garment every bride wears on their wedding day projects an image of the bride on her special day. You may wear it once and want to keep it or sell it for another bride to relive its beauty. Either way, the right cleaning action and proper preservation approach will keep it in its immaculate condition. 

After the wedding, it is essential to have your wedding gown brought to a dry cleaning service to give it the best and safest cleaning method possible. As you may know already, wedding gowns are typically made with delicate fabrics that demand special handling to avoid damage. It could be stained from the wine you had, a cake frosting, dirt and other substances that can potentially drench through the fabric of your wedding gown. Nevertheless, it will need experts’ hand to remedy. 


Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning Significance

It is important to research and look for the best dry cleaning company in your area before the wedding. It will save you time cramming where to bring your precious gown after the wedding day. Knowing where to bring your gown will avoid stains settling in your gown over-time. The wedding gown dries cleaning company should be able to know exactly what your dress needs in accordance with the material it is made of and certain stains it acquired during the wedding night. They should be able to restore the gown in its pristine condition. Dry cleaning is important if you are planning to keep it as a family heirloom or hand it down to your daughter’s wedding if the style of your gown is classic and timeless, or if you want to sell it to another bride, it is a must to restore its good-as-new look. 


After your wedding day, it is crucial to still keep your gown hanged someplace safe. If it has a lot of stains that aren’t dried yet, make sure it is completely dry before placing it in a plastic or bag. It is also best to avoid DIYing the stains and using home remedies, it might worsen the condition. The most ideal thing to do is to bring it immediately to the dry cleaners. Time plays a big factor in ensuring the gown in its best possible condition. 


Wedding Gown Preservation Significance

Wedding gown preservation is as important as wedding gown cleaning. It is one way to keep your gown beautiful long term. It will keep your gown safe from stains, discolouration and other unwanted elements damaging the fabric and the whole look of your gown. It is important to choose a dry cleaning company who also are experts in wedding gown preservation and can advise you what you need to do to keep it looking good as new. 

A proper wedding gown dry cleaning requires quite a few steps to ensure appropriate preservation methods. It has to be kept in a sealed box away from outside elements. The temperature of the room where it is supposed to be kept also plays a significant role. The room has to be clean, with air-conditioning and far from direct sunlight. Sunlight can profusely damage the gown and cause discolouration. Other elements may leave stains and other particles that might and can seep through the fabric. 

An expert dry cleaning company must know certain details in preserving your unique gown. They will be able to tell you what works best for certain fabrics and embellishments you gown is made of to come up with a distinct method and solution when preserving it. 


Hence, wedding gown cleaning and preservation is important in every bride’s checklist. A little effort of bringing it to a wedding gown dry cleaning company will relive and keep the memories of your wedding night. 

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