Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Kitchen cabinetry determines the look of your entire kitchen. Cabinets are not just for storage, they play very important role in the design on your kitchen. As the new year has just started we asked a fellow experts from Kitchen Craftsmen, Perth what are the common trends for 2019.

More Colourful Than Ever

It looks like most of the homeowners choose the brave path this year.. No more boring – white or plain looking cabinetry. They want something extraordinary and custom. Something which stands out more. Typically there are 3 tone patterns – dark, bright and medium. Brighter colours offer cleaner look and might be more suitable for kitchen where its not enough sunlight. Dark finish always give more luxurious look and are often a good choice if you are aiming for a very sophisticated design. Medium is the most common& safe choice.

In 2019 more and more homeowners are choosing either exotic wood finishes or gloss paint with very vivid and loud colours. White kitchens become more and more obsolete and boring.


yellow kitchen cabinets built by Kitchen Craftsmen

Traditional or Modern Style Cabinetry

Although in terms of colours there is a significant change in approach, general styling remains pretty much unchanged and consistent with trends from 2018. The transitional style which connects both of the styles is as of today the most preferred one.


Clean Minimalism

Delicate edges, simple lines, aesthetic cabinet handles – this trend also continues to gain more and more enthustiasts. Simplicity becomes a way to stand out from the crowd and nowadays it’s a choice for people who appreciate unique and personal, yet sophisticated kitchen designs.

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