Sun Protection Hats

Why Sun Protective Hats and Clothing Are So Important?

You might ask yourself why sun protective hats along with clothing are so important. Skin cancer rates are generally reaching epidemic stages and cancer foundation is estimating 20% or 1 in 5 individuals may contract skin cancer in our lifetime. These statistics are just frightening. Here in Australia, where the sun is especially dangerous, proper protection for all the exposed parts of the body is extremely important. This is why various outback hats are so popular.

Head is the most fragile part of our body and it deserves the most protection. Having a pair of high-quality sunglasses with UV filter & sun protection protective hats and UPF protected clothing can secure your skin from the skin, but also slow down all the noticeable signs of aging such as – brown spots, facial lines, crows feet, hyper-pigmentation, and saggy skin. It is worth noting, that sun significantly speeds up skin aging.

Sun emits two types of radiation: first is UVA, which stands behind the skin aging. The 2nd type of UV radiation is UVB rays which usually are known as the “burning rays. These rays are the strongest in the summertime and especially around 10 am – 2 pm and affect the epidermis of your skin.

Most sunscreens usually cannot protect you from the UVA radiation, which often is incredibly harmful and leads to cancer. Even broad-spectrum sunscreen can’t protect you from all the UV radiation you’re exposed to daily. The only method to protect yourself and your family is to wear sun protection clothes each day and have your head protected at all times.

Every single time you expose yourself towards the suns dangerous rays keep in mind that it’s not simply your head together with the body that you need to protect but also your face. UVA & UVB rays may reflect off surfaces including the concrete, snow, sand, water, and glass making your face alarmingly exposed even while wearing most traditional hats. Look for a sun protection hat that has protection flaps or attachments which enable you to protect your sensitive cheeks, neck, mouth, chin, and nose from the sun.

For those suffering from delicate or severe skin conditions which are aggravated by sun exposure such as Rosacea, Acne, Melasma, Melanoma, or post-surgery it’s suggested to put on the strongest volume of UPF protection on your face and head of UPF 50+ to protect your sensitive skin each and every day. The greatest factor you can do to avoid skin cancer is to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen, put on a wide brim hat with neck and face protection, sun protection clothes of at least UPF 15+, sunglasses and to seek shade anytime feasible.

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